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Animal House Leave N Luster

Animal House Leave N Luster

A complete coat repair product, without silicone. Split ends seem to disappear, fuzzy coats become soft and silky, knots brush out effortlessly.
Produces a wonderful healthy lustrous sheen, not a false shine nor a oily residue.
Can be rinsed out, but best results will come from leaving in.
Will not change coat texture.

Animal House Leave N Luster

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Customer Reviews

David Allie star star star star star December 10, 2018

We have been using this product on our Shih Tsu's for over 5 years. It is the best leave-in conditioner on the market. Everyone who touches our dogs always comment on how well our dogs smell and how soft their coats feel. Leave N Luster is a must for our dogs. Once you try it you will love it.

Dantonevich star star star star star November 18, 2018

Leave n luster is a great product for my Yorkies! It keeps them smelling so good! Friends remark about how great my girls always smell!! Highly recommend this product!

Valla Bridges star star star star star September 16, 2011

Leave N Luster is a great leave n conditioner, is not heavy and leaves the coat in it's natural feel. The shine it gives the coat is great.

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