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Magical Touch Protein Plus

Magical Touch Protein Plus

Developed to bring coats back in faster after coat blow. It will make the coat thicker and fuller, and keep your dog in full coat year-round.
You will see a difference in the coat in 1 week.

Magical Touch Protein Plus

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Customer Reviews

Sandy James star star star star star March 7, 2012

Love it, Love it. This product is unreal, tried on our dogs and within 2 weeks saw a major difference in the coat. Bought the small bottle first now only buy the large size. Keep in frig and use 2 times a day. Coats have never been better looking. My friends are now using since they saw what did for mine. You will not be sorry for using this, going to try on my girl who is to have pups in April, hope it will bring in quicker so I can get her back on the show circuit.

Zachary Stadelman star star star star star January 28, 2012

I love, love, love this product!! Does exactly what it says it does! My dogs' coats are so healthy, I use the Protein Plus when I groom-I spray as work with the coat, then a final all over spray. Had some sent to a friend to try on her dogs! You want an awesome coat-buy this product!!

Steven Pierce star star star star star December 3, 2011

Bought this at the West Friendship show over Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Started to use on Monday by Thursday could notice a difference in the coat and ordered more as wanted the coat to be fuller for Eukanuba show. This product really does work and I will always have in my dogs cabinet. They have a lager size if you call them you can get the larger size, said they had not had time to add the 16oz to web site. No matter what breed you have this will make the coat fuller as the hair will be thicker and will come in faster.

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