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Animal House Coat Magic

Animal House Coat Magic

This product has been described by many as the best product ever made.
* Makes knots and mats unravel
* Won't pull hair out when brushing
* Removes hair spray from coats
* Allows brushes to glide through coats
* Helps spot clean and repel dirt
* Removes static and is the best anti-static spray you will ever use
* Does not build up or leave residue

Coat Magic has NO SILICONE and may be diluted for finer coats.

Animal House Coat Magic

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Customer Reviews

Valla Bridges star star star star star September 16, 2011

Coat Magic is fantastic to remove hair spray. As a coat spray gives the extra shine need. I am a believer in Animal House products now

Kathe Vaughn star star star star star September 15, 2011

I have a pic for you all! Merlin BOB at Raleigh for 3 days and then dog Select( oh those silly judges!) I used Animal House and Magical Touch only on him..We just go the pic, will send it off to you. I used the Volhold dilute and Coat Magic. and hand dried with the Q-Zone dryer to bring his coat up every day and then misted him with the Volhold-Coat Magic combo.I did not have to re -bath him all four days.. Just washed his lower feet and other spot areas. His coat glistened., you could see the silk strands glinting,his feathering and tail just flowed....He was breathtaking on Saturday...people were actually applauding him on his gait in the group ring...I may be a "nervous nellie" in the ring, but the one thing I never had to worry about was how his furnishings looked. He looked as good on Monday as he did on Friday.. Way to to go guys Animal House and Magical Touch rock and thanks for all the tips...

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