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Magical Touch Silk Ultra

Magical Touch Silk Ultra

Formulated to be used with your leave-in conditioner.
The ultimate additive to achieve magnificent shine on your dog's coat. Eliminates fly-away and restores coat to its natural feel. Reduces drying time up to one-half when using an animal dryer. Makes brushing easier and helps prevent mats and tangles from forming.

Magical Touch Silk Ultra

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Customer Reviews

carlasshihtzus star star star star star November 21, 2018

I was given silk ultra at a show but did not try till today, I loved it, coat dried in half the time, and came out great, wish I had tried along time ago. can not wait to show them with it, have to wait till early spring because of bad roads

Sandy James star star star star star September 28, 2011

Silk Ultra is product that words can not describe the benefits. I was using a product that is no longer available here in the US on my Afghan, I wish I had switched to this product when it first came out. There is night and day difference in how much better this product is, Deborah told me to try in my hair and OMG so I only buy in the large bottle and 1/2 for the dogs and the other is for me. You will not go wrong with this product, the brush now glides when I brush the coat and its worth it weight in gold the way it cut my drying time down.

Kathe Vaughn star star star star star September 15, 2011

Cal and Deb I was amazed at the difference in the coat Silk Ultra made on my Borzoi and Afghans. I cut the drying time down by over 50%. At the show I could tell how much easier it was to brush and was amazed at how much cleaner the legs were the dirt from the show did not stick to the legs as it did without the Silk Ultra. Will never wash again without using Silk Ultra.

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