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Animal House Vita Rich

Animal House Vita Rich

Vita-Rich is a blend of silk proteins, natural and treatment oils with added anti-static component.
Vita-Rich restores color into faded coats, repairing split ends and nourishing the coat back to its normal healthy state.
Will not change the coat texture. Does not need a stripping or clarifying shampoo to wash out. Any Animal House Shampoo is all that is needed.
Can also be used on show days for those dogs with profuse coats that require a bit of hold and control, for a body-hugging look.

Animal House Vita Rich

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Customer Reviews

Sandy James star star star star star September 28, 2011

This makes the coat really lay down and hug the body and flow to the ground. Love the smell it gives after I use in the coat. When Elsie moves the hair just flows now.

Wiliam Vassar star star star star star September 19, 2011

If your dogs coat is damaged in any way this is the only product to consider. Add a cap of the Magical Touch Silk Ultra for additional repair. I had used another product company and my Yorkie coat was in terrible shape. Bought this from the women at Harrisburg show and she told me I would see results after 1 bath, she also told me to add some to a spray bottle of water and spray daily for a week. Now the coat is better than ever and you would not know it has ever had any problems.

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